November has flown by & I can’t believe this Saturday is already December! I’m excited
to start xmas baking & getting to hangout with family & friends over the holidays.
I’m planning to attempt baking macarons for the first time, as well as fudge, cookies
& mini cheesecakes.

This month I’ve been busy shooting for Fine Lifestyles Magazine, which I’ve done 5
shoots for so far & one more tomorrow! I’ll be sure to post the photos when the issue
is released (sometime in Dec). Working for them has been pretty exciting, as you get
to meet new people & learn about various different businesses. I’m grateful for the
opportunity & change is always good.

Last weekend I got to shoot a one-sheet, which is basically a poster ad, for a short
film my friend & coworker Nicole Steeves will be starring in called EDNOS
(Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified)The film hasn’t yet been shot, but here’s
a glimpse at what the poster will look like!

This afternoon I picked up film I had developed from a long lost & recently found
disposable camera. Getting film back is always an exciting feeling – especially
when you have no clue what’s on the roll. I’ve noticed my decline in film &
disposables lately, but I’ll definitely spend my holiday snapping away.

The Commons – April 10th, 2011

Speaking of a decline in shooting, for the past 2 years I’ve been working on a
continuous 365 project.. but since the end of August, my second 365 project had
slowly been suffering, until eventually I was only shooting every other day. So
unfortunately, I guess it’s discontinued.

However, starting in January 2013, I plan to start up a new project for myself to
keep shooting. If anyone has any project ideas, I’m open to suggestions!

This weekend sounds promising already – holiday house party with friends,
crafters market at olympic hall & helping decorate my work as well as my sister’s
store for christmas.

I’ve also been on the lookout for a lens to treat myself to for christmas! I’ve decided
on the Sigma 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6 EX DG HSM for Nikon. Lemme know if you know
of one for sale!


Website Launch!

After working on this website for the past few months, I’m so excited to say it’s ready to be unveiled!
Which is not to say it is completely finished – it will continue to be a work in progress, along with this blog. I definitely owe a huge thank you to Jamie, my boyfriend and IT professional for helping me set everything up the way I wanted!

My plan for this blog will be to keep it up to date with photos & behind the scenes stuff of what I’m working on.

I already feel as though November will be a great month. Last week I was offered a position as a photographer for Fine Lifestyles Magazine – which is based out of Saskatchewan, but recently starting up a Halifax version of the magazine. I was assigned to shoot two different companies for advertorials featured in an upcoming issue & both shoots went smoothly. I can hardly wait to see my pictures in glossy print! The next thing on my list will be to order some new business cards for myself.

Thanks for checking out my website & blog!